kaise kholen car motorcycle scooter repair workshop

One Line :- This article has been told about opening the repair workshop and later you can earn thousands from the house sitting.


1 What is the name of business 

The name of this business open a shop for repair workshop of car,motorcycle,bus,scooter.

car motorcycle scooter repair workshop

2 Training 

It is not difficult learn to this work, if you work hard then you can learn this work comfort with six months. this you can learn this work in Vehicle agency.  

3 AGE 

This work do not related with age, if you are age 40 year then you can learn this work comfort

4 Study

There is no need to study for this work, but your tenth pass is important.  

5 Will you have to pay for learning work

You do not worry about this,you will not take money to learn any work from you

6 Need to take the license

You do not have take any license for this work.  

7 Where opened workshop

If you have learned work then you can open repair workshop in the  house.if  there is no room in your house.then you can open workshop near city. it would be nice if you opened the workshop near bus-stand college school.

8 Advertising

You can publish advertisement of workshop's name and put the setreet and markets,doing this will make people know about you.

9 Ways to draw customers on your side 

1 Design the shop in such a way that the customer was drawn to your workshop.

2 keep the newspaper for time pass in workshop.

3  Keep good books.  

10 Good behavior with customers 

Customer is like god so you good behavior with customers. 

11 Earning 

In this work is good income,if you repair one motorcycle and and you got 500 thousand rupees from the customer,If you save 300 rupees by throwing out the expenditure, then your one day earnings will be 300 rupees.

12 Monthly earning  

1 one day earning - 300.
2 Monthly earning = 30x300.
3 Total monthly income = 9000

So your earnings of one month is 9000,I have only given you an example. Friends, you can earn more than this.

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