How to Rank Youtube Video in one day

ONE LINE :-How to increase views on youtube video ?

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How to Rank Youtube Video in one day

Friends, today every person know about youtube,but some people don't know that youtube is google company product, today many people earn from youtube, these youtuber monthly income between 1 lakh to 3 lakh. but some youtuber very sad that we hard work day and night and make good quality video, but  people don't watch our video.

Guys, don't worry,I am telling you some tips, these tips rank your video.

1):- Select top trading topic.

2):- Make good quality video.

3):- Make HD video.

4):- Create attractive thumbnail

5):- Attractive title.

6):- Write good and smart description.

7):- Use google keyword planner for attractive title.

8):-  Don't forget share on social network side.
      1 Facebook.

      2  Whatsapp.

      3  Instagram.

      4 Google+.

9):- Use good quality music in video ( only Youtube music library.

10):-Publish video in evening time ( For example : 7:00 pm)

11):-Do not upload copyright video. 

Friends, this is some tips who rank youtube video,please follow these tips. 


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