How to Enable Facebook Page Video Monetization

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Facebook Page Video Monetization

Facebook launched the watch video service years ago in only five countries. But now Facebook has launched it for 22 countries. Argentina Belgium Bolivia Chile Colombia Denmark France Germany Mexico and Norway Peru Spain Thailand etc. Now you can make money by putting videos on Facebook. Know what to do for this.

Please read rules for facebook monetization.

1} Facebook page. [ For Example :- Cooking| Drawing.]

2]:- Video length minimum 5 min for monetization.

3}:-Facebook Page followers minimum 10,000.

4} Video views 30,000 all video.


2] If you upload these video on facebook page then you are not eligible for monezation.

1} Bad Content video.[ Accident ]

2} Drugs and Dangerous Producat video.

3} Tragedy video [ Death animales or human ] 

4 } Harmful Dangerous content video [ fights ] 
5} Hateful content video [ Any hateful Speech ]

6 }Sexually content  [ Audlt ]    

7  } Violence  [ Flood or injury human or animales ]     

8 ] Controverisal issues & sensitive video no monezation.

9} Still Photo.

10]  slideshow images [ For Examples Quotes]

11} Copyright content. 

The End.


For More Details Click on this link and watch video. 

List of vishvtrading Facebook Topic.




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