How to become a Sarkari bus conductor | सरकारी बस कंडक्टर कैसे बने

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Government Bus Conductor [ Sarkari Bus Conductor]:- How to become a Sarkari bus conductor. 

Sarkari bus conductor

Guys, if you want to be a sarkari bus conductor, I'm telling you about this work with complete can earn a good salary at the end of the month If you are illiterate then you can start this work. on the other hand, you can start a bus conductor job without investment. you no need to any loan from government bank or private bank or any thrift party.

Friends, here are details that How to start a bus conductor work. Please read carefully and if you like this idea then please share with friends who want to be a sarkari bus conductor.

1}:- Work name:- Government Bus Conductor /Private Bus Conductor. 

2}:-Age:- The age of the private bus conductor's job should be from 20 years to 45 years.

3}:- Study:-Guys, for this job no need for higher study. If you have passed the class XII, you can apply for this work.

4}:- Training:- For this work, you will need to learn a month, such as how to cut a ticket, how to deposit money, how to talk with people.guys this work is very simple it is not difficult. I hope if you give full time this work then you easily learn at the end of the month.

5 }:- What to do after bus conductor training:-Friends, after one month of learning, you can talk with bus owners for this work, I'm sure you will get the work of the bus conductor.

6}:- Apply for a Government job:-You can also apply for government jobs and you will have to go to the government bus office and give you a letter for a job. in the future, if the government demands a bus conductor you can get a job.

7}:- Pan Card: -According to the new rule of government, pan card is necessary for every person, now without pan card, you can not apply for a new bank account, so starting from this work you apply for pan card, so I suggest please apply for pan card.

8}:- Job Time: -Duty of bus conductor is from morning till evening.

9}:-Behavior:-if you want to succeed in this work then make good behavior with passenger

10] :-Honestly:- You have to do this work honestly because this work is associated with money. You have to give bus owners the correct amount of money. and if you cheat to bus owners. then you can be dismissed from the job.

11}:-Salary:-The salary of the private conductor is from 10,000 thousand to 15,000 thousand, the government bus conductor salary ranges from 30,000 thousand to 50,000.

At last.
Guys. if you have no work, you can do the conductor job and earn good money.


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