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welcome friends. you can read here 7 small business ideas and you can start this business with low investment. {Tag  laugh Udyog for ladies,laugh Udyog for home, laugh Udyog for housewife,laugh Udyog in Punjab

Today's topic: 7 Business ideas for women at home | laugh Udyog 

1 ]:- Open kids Dance Academy.

    [ Öffnen Sie Kinder Dance Academy]  

if you know of dance, then you can open Small Dance center & academy at home with low investment. Guys, this is the best way to earning at home. if you want to open dance academy at home then you need to 10,000 rupees.

2]:- Girls and woman Hair cutting shop.

     [Mädchen und Frauen Haare schneiden Geschäft ]

Friends, if you know hair cutting. then you can start this work at home. if you start this small business you no need to loan from the bank. you can start this business with 10,000 rupees and you can good earning at home from this work.  

3]:-  Lunch box service.

Guys, if you know cooking. then you can start lunch box supply business at home with very low investment.and you can supply to the lunch box Government office, private office, bank, post office, school, college, hospital, railways station and bus station. if you want to start this work then you need to  5,000 rupees.

4}:- Achar Business at home.

       [Achar Business zu Hause ]

if you can make good achar. you can start this business with 5,000 rupees and sale achar in high rate and earn good money at home.

5]:- Mehndi designs.

     [ Mehndi entwirft ] 

This work is very simple if you make attractive mehndi designs.you can start this work at home with zero investment and earn good money from this work.

6}:- Girls and men head kerchief Sale Business.

   [ Mädchen und Männer Kopftuch Verkauf Business ]

if you good trailer. you can start head kerchief sale business and earn good money from this work.you can start this business with 10,000 rupees.

7}:- Cell Phone Recharge Shop.

        [Handyladenladen ]

Guys, if you have an empty room.you can change into mobile phone recharge shop.you start this work with 20,000 rupees.

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