How to became a Rajmistri

One Line :- Start this business you can earn  monthly thousands.                         

HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEA.                                                                               

1 Business Name.

Friends, name of this business build house of people. the man who make the house speaks to the Raj mistary.

business ideas

2  Training .

This work is very easy, if you want to became good house maker. so you have to work under good rajmistary for one year. can you learn this work.

3  Study .

If you want to do any business. it is important to have a study to become a Rajmistary it is necessary to have 12th pass.because the stuff that comes to be build a house, he has to calculate if you are illiterate. then this work will be difficult for you.

4 What to do learning after work .

 If you have learned to how do people know that you are a house maker.the first thing you tell your friend is that you are a house maker.and tell the villagers that i am house maker 

5 Price .

Today, the work of house maker is done on contract basis, today contract price is going up to 120 and 150 rupees in the city. but you keep low prices  so that people call easily to you.

6  Monthly Earning .

    For Example :- 

One month house make      Qty. = 1
Rate                                        = 110 fut.

Total Area of house               = 1560.

Total earning =  1560 x 110 =171600.

and your monthly earning = 1,71,600. and you  will be left out of one lakh by spending the expenditure.

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