28 Quotes of Daily Use in English

Introduction:- Hello world you can read here best 28 Quotes 

1 Make the bed, please.

2 unpack the luggage.

3 Right me to this address.

4 Now try this suit on.

28 Quotes of daily use

5 Button up the coat.

6 Take off your shoes.

7 Switch on the light.

8 Turn on the top.

9 Keep to the left.

10 Blow out your noise.

11 Blow out the candle.

12 Wring out the towel.

13 Put off the lump.

14 Do not overeat yourself.

15 Set the Alarm at the five.

16  Do not shirk work.

17 Beware of a pick pocket.

18 Pare your nails.

19 Do not spit on the door.

20 Hurry up.

21 Shut up.

22 Talk sense.

23 Comb the hair.

24 Do not bother me.

25 Be punctual.

26 Do not injure anybody feelings.

27 Do not Take my word to heart.

28  Leave him to his fate.

यह भी पढ़े और एक दिन में मालमाल हो जाऐ

इंटरनेट से पैसे कमाने का दुसरा रास्ता

ख़बरी से जल्दी पैसे केैसे कमाऐ घर बैठकर


इसे पढ़े 

कमाऐ 120 से 140 रू घंटा । भारत के पॉच शहरों में लागू। 


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