Bad Girl English Short Story

One Line :- This story revolves around a girl  who live in a Punjab village. 

Once a girl fell into a bad company, he mixed with bad girls and wasted his time. it pained his father. he tried his best to set him right. but to no use.

One day,the father thought a plan. he bought some fresh banana from the market.he brought one rotten banana also.
English Story

He said to his daughter

"put these banana in the box.

The girl do so.

Next day, the father asked him to bring the apples. The girl was sad to see the apples. they were all rotten.

The father said

" Once rotten banana has spoiled all the good onces,bad friends are like bad apples. they will spoil you.

These words worked magic. the girl gave up bad company and became as good as before.

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