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Famous motivational quotes who change your life

1):- Fast run, fast lose.


2): The A hint is enough to the wise.

3): As long as there is life, there is hope.

4):-Your hon-our is in your own hand.u

5):-Calamity keeps far from the sensible.

6):-Every one has his own ways.

7):-As you do, must rue.

8):-Death to you, mirth for the world.

9):-Who has truth has all.

10):-Home has the first place in mind.

11):-Our good deeds are our shield.

12):-Can the dry bones live.

13):-Death defies the doctor.

14):-Fat afterward bath first.

15):-God filleth the full.

16):-Anger is an enemy to reason.

17)- No sooner asked than wed.

18) Small wit great brag.

19). A thing that betrays itself.

20):-  Stolen kisses are the sweetest.


21):- The burden as the wearer.

22):- Coal broker is black hands.

23):- Good materials good work.

24): -Silence is the best.

25): -Wait for the result.

26):- The wicked have no friends.

27):- Friendship before one is facing.

28): -Money makes money.

29):-Silence is half consent.

30):- Riches change hands.


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