What is Baisakhi and why celebrate in Punjab | Baisakhi quotes


Many of us are shocked to hear the name of Baisakhi, especially those who live outside from Punjab and India, For example, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, HONG KONG GERMANY, the reason for this is also one they can not know about the festival of Punjab.

What is Baisakhi and why celebrate in Punjab?

Baisakhi is a festival celebrated in Punjab, which is related to wheat, it is celebrated in Punjab on 13th April, On this day the farmers start harvesting wheat, and in this happiness, the people spend sweets in their village. 

     There is another thing to do with Baisakhi, on the day of 1966, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the establishment of the Khalsa Panth.one more thing is that form this day, on this day farmers are introduced to this year's new year, there are many folk songs associated with Baisakhi festival. 

Some Quotes related to Baisakhi Festival

1 ):- Baisakhi di Lakh Lakh Vadahiyan.

2):- Happy Baisakhi farmers.

3):- Aay Baisakhi Kanak di Mukh gaye Rakhi jatta.

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