What is Youtube Sponsorship Button and how it work

ONE LINE :- What is Sponsorship Button. 

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1 :- (YouTube Sponsorship Button)

This button has been launched from youtube team since the first few months, and Some youtuber has found this sponsorship button.how the sponsorship button found and how can put it on our youtube channel let's know.

What is Youtube Sponsorship Button and how it work

Eligibility for sponsorship button  

1):- 1000 subscribers on your channel. 

2)    Advertise friendly channel based on youtube policy. 

3 ):- Age should not be more than 18 years.

4):- no launch sponsorship button in Pakistan city.    


if you first time enable this button than click on 

1 ):- Channel >Sponsorship button > Click enable.

2):- How to Enable Button our channel.

1):- Login youtube Channel 

2):- Click on :- video manger button.

3):- Community button.

4):- Click Sponsorship button.

5):- Now open sponsorship page 

6):- Click Get started.

7):- Open Second page and fill this form.

8):-  Submit.

9):- Click Continue and fill form and submit 

10):- Fill Prepare announcement form and submit.

11   Now you visit last button Turn on Sponsorship button.

Note :- if you eligible for sponsorship button, then youtube team enable sponsorship button within 24 hours


3):-Sponsorship button benefits.

if someone sponsor your channel, then he will have to pay the amount according to country.

For example :- India :-159 , u.s.a 4.99 ,Spain 4.99  

4):- How to Receive Sponsorship payment. 

     you can receive payment through Google Adsense account. 


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