Cool Japanese Actresses of Japan Film industries

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Cool Japanese Actresses
List of Top Japanese actresses.

1):- Eriko Hatsune  

Born :-24 March 1982 [ Japan ]
Film  :- Emperor | Uzumaki | Nagai Yume.
Start Career: -1998. Age :- 36 Years.

2):- Rila Fukushima  

 Date of Birth: -16 Jan 1989 ( Japan)
 Film:- The Wolverine | Million yen woman
 Entry in Film industries: -2013. Age:- 31 Years.

3):- Keiko Kitagawa    

 Birth: -22 August  1986  ( Japan)
 Film:- The Fast and the Furious | Paradise Kiss | Roommate etc.
 Entry in Film industries: -2003. Age:- 31 Years.

4):- Tao Okamoto

 Born: -25  May  1985  ( Japan)
 Film:- Hannibal | Perfect  | Manhunt etc 
 Eye Color:- Brown. Hair Color:- Black and White. Age:- 33 Years.

5):- Maria Ozawa

 Date of Birth: -8  January   1986  ( Japan)
 Movies:- Tokyo Species | Irokoishi  | Nilalang etc 
 Eye Color:- Brown and black. Hair Color:- Black.  Age: 32 

6 ):- koyuki  

 Born:- 18  December   1976  ( Japan)
 Movies:- The last samurai | Kamui Gaiden | Blood The Last Vampire, etc 
 Eye Color:-  Black. Hair Color:- Black.  Age: -40-41 

7 ):-  Rinko Kikuchi 

 Born :- 6  January    1981  ( Japan)
 Film  :- Pacific Rim | Babel | 47 Ronin etc.
 Eye Color:- Black & white. Hair Color:- Light Black Age:- 36-37  

 8):-   Fumi Nikaido 

 Birth: -21  September  1994  ( Japan)
 Movies: -Himizu | My Men  | Segodon, etc.
 Eye Color:- Black. Hair Color:-  Black Age:- 23  

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