Wi Fi Location Kaise Track Karte Hai

ONE LINE :-How to find wi-fi area or how to track  wi-fi Internet location.

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Wi Fi Location Kaise Track Karte Hai
Facebook is famous social network company of America, and facebook famous in the world.today every child, girl, woman, prime minister,president,police man, student, lok sabha speaker, private company employees, government employees and old man use facebook.

Friends, you know that if you use facebook aap in the phone,now you can search  wi-fi location through faceboook aap.

 My Dear Friends, please read this guidelines carefully.

1):- Open Facebook App.

2):- Please login facebook.

3):- On your phone wi-fi button.

4):- Click on right side setting button.

5):- Open facebook setting page.

6):- Click on see more.

7):- Click wi-fi button.

8):- Show wi-fi location. and after the some time your phone connect wi-fi connection.

Enjoy wi-fi internet.

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