Why are not show You tube Thumbnail Button

ONE LINE :-  Why are not show You tube Channel thumbnail  Button.

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You tube Thumbnail  Button

Friend's, if you are new in youtube field and create new channel on youtube, after that  make hd video in one or two days, After uploading video,  when you click on the Thumbnail button, and thumbnail button not show on your channel and you become upset.but friend's don't worry. iam solve your problem in this article so please read this carefully.

 Guys, Please note these guide lines.

1):- Go to video manager.

2):-  Visit or press the button Channel.

3 ):- Custom thumbnails button press.

4 ) :- Open support google form.

5):-  click on custom video thumbnail verified account.

6):- After the some time open account verifaction page.

7):- Select country ( For Example :- u.s.a / india)

9):- Click on Call me button or Text massage.

10):- For Example Click on  Text massage

11):- Enter phone number.

12):-For Example "-1234567890

13):-Enter press submit button.

Step no :-02

1):- Enter your code

2):- Click on verified.

Congratulation your account is veriyfied.

3) :- Click on Continue Button

4):- Back to channel and now show Thumbnail Button.


The End.

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