Girls How to Start Broom Selling Work in America

Business name

The name of this work is broom business, means "Selling of broom" Its very simple and you can make good money from this business.

Need for study for this work? 

To start this work no need for any education, if you have done less study then you can comfortably start this work.

how much money need for this work?

For start this business, you need one thousand to five thousand. 

Purchase of broom

Friends, I suggest to you that you pick up the broom from the company. because from there you can purchase broom at a lower & cheaper price.


You can pay by net banking, check, cash, it depends on you. 

Pan Card

According to the new rule of government, pan card is necessary for every person, now without pan card you can not apply for a new bank account, so starting from this work you apply for pan card, so I suggest please apply for pan card.   

Selling of broom 

Friends, you can sell of broom near the village and market, without this you can sell broom in office, bank, post office, shop, mandir, college, university, and house.

Rate of broom

Friends, you can keep the price of broom in this way, details are given below. 

For Example:- you purchase one broom = Rs 10

Now: -you can sell the customer to 25 rupees. and you will earn a profit of 15 rupees.


if you want success in this work then make good behavior with customers.and this is the best tips for success.


For example, you sell 50 pieces of broom in all day.

1 Broom Price = 20 rupees

 You are total per day income 20x50 = 1000

so, friends, you can earn net profit income of per day  500 or 600 rupees. it is a good profit for you.

Monthly earning

For example, one day earning 1000 rupees.

1 Broom Price = 20 rupees

Total monthly income =  1000x26 = 26,000

so, friends, you can earn net profit income of one month 20,000 rupees.