10 Tips To Use Net Banking Online

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10 Tips To Use Net Banking Online

Everybody knows about net banking.mostly people use net banking for different category. if you use net banking then please note these  safety guidelines. 

1}:- Friends, if you have a net banking of any bank, then do not open it on every mobile or computer.

2}:- Change your net banking password every week.

3}:- Do not save your net banking password in the phone.because if your phone lost then you face big problem.

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4}:- Do not keep the Net Banking account open at all time.

5}:- After using net banking,please delete Internet browser history.

6}:- Do not use cyber cafe for net banking.

7}:-Do not write your net banking password on wall or diary.

8}:- Keep check every day your bank account.

9}:- Do not share your password with anyone.

10}:- Do not use neighbors computer for net banking.

So friends, these some tips that you need to remember if you have the facility of net banking. 

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