Qila Mubarak Patiala Best Place For Tourist

One Line :- Hello Friends' if you are search best place for summer holidays, then Punjab is best for based on tourist place.where you can enjoy of summer holidays, But in Punjab is many historical place,but '' Qila Mubarak '' is most popular historical place in Punjab,where every year many tourist come from different countries.

Friends, if you want see this place then understand these map guideline.

1 Delhi.
2 Chandigarh.
3 Patiala
4 Adalat Bazar.
Qila mubarak

Every history show the power and passions of any place qalike " QILA MUBARAK '' is most famous place in India [ Punjab ] The  " QILA MUBARAK '' made in very old time, in the listing that his " QILA FORT '' made in 90 -110 century more over that time the owner of this place was " KNISHAK '' empire. this is fort now under in P atiala city and this is very old and historical city.

Qila Mubarak Patiala Best Place For Tourist

This Qila is a historical thing in the hear of the city of bhatinda in Punjab India,it was here that RAZINA SULTAN the first woman to take charge of the Delhi throne was incarcerated on her defeat and dethroned. like a coordinates of this fort 30.12.29 N 74.56.15.E built this 6th century and height is 30 meters. this is fort is 1800 years old. and in the 1754 Fulkia king won this fort after many years this fort was under them. 

This is big fort. and every month many tourist are come for see its beauty and its structure,currently by the '' Akal Society of America '' after conducting and extensive two year survey of the site has submitted a  proposal of repairs to the ASI. Punjab Congress Government announced a govt donation of 12,000,000 for Qila Mubarak's maintenance and repair on 21 June 2005 at a ceremony held to mark '' Teen Sauvaan Saal ''  Celebrations of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh is visit to the fort.

QILA MUBARAK is the most popular place take to beauty and area wall structure and other making. this is the fort clearly  show the history of India [ Punjab ] we proud of this.

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