Why you tube channel Isn't growing

One Line :- Why your you tube channel Isn't growing

Hello friend's,welcome back to another topic inside this article,Today i will talk about youtube so please read this article, if you are earning from youtube.

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Today, every second youtube creators this problem that why my you tube channel Isn't growing,I understand that working on you tube is very difficult specially for beginners, but i think that youtube is very easy from another platform, for example  website etc.

So many beginners creators upset this problem, Why my channel Isn't growing. but can be main reason that fresher youtube creators aren't sure what they need to do.

Guys don't worry, In this article, I will learn you some tips that will help you grow your youtube channel and once you teach and implement my tips in this article, you will understand why my youtube channel Isn't grwoing.

Some tips for you,who will help growing your youtube channel fast, please read it carefully and if you like this then please don't forget share another you tube creators.

1):- Create Cool and attractive thumbnail.

2):- Use attractive  music in video.  

3):- Make video with  voice audio.

4):- The name of the channel should be small.

5):- Right time upload video and publish.

6):- Put the right tag.

7):- Write cool and long description.

8 ):- Use video annotations.

9 ):-  Choice right video category.

10):- Put the video location.

11):- Do not use long video title.

12):- Make good and short time video.[ For example :-4:00 min.]

13):-Make Good qualiy video.

14 ):-Use social net working webiste [ for example - facebook, whatsaap, instagram] 

15 ):- Selection trading topic.

16): - Create Different logo and channel cover.

Guys,these 16 tips will help you grow your channel to irregular levels, and i hope you follow these tips.

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