Blogging kaise kare Blogging Me 10% Log Safal kyo Hote Hai

Introduction :- Everyone know about the blog, this is a great way of earning, millions of blogs are made every day, some people successful in this field and some fail.and if you are fresher in this field,then this article help you successful in this field.

Here are some reason, who make you failed blogging field read carefully.

1]:- Friends everyone makes a blog on any topic,but you do not publish correct time  post.

2}:- Blog posting gap. [ For Example :- One Day or Two day ]

3] :- Wrong article publish.

4}:-  Website name  mistake.

5}:- Article share problem.

6} :- Article Image S.E.O mistake.

7}:- Post Inter-linking mistake.

8] :-Short Article.

Here are some tips who make you successful in blogging field. if you want make a good blogger and you want make money from blog website.then please read carefully these tips.

1}:- Before starting blog, searching for website name.

2}:- Put the best domain [ For Example dot Com is the best domain ]

3}:- Regular posting.

4]:- Do not mistake in article.

5}:- Make S.E.O Friendly post image.

6}:- Do not Breaking or Gap in publish article.

7}:- Correct time article publish.

8}:- Make S.E.O friendly article.

9}:- Do not repeat words in article.

10}:- Article share on social media. [ For example : Googlplus]

11}:- Write interlinking article.

12]:- Make custom permalink link article title.

13}:-Select Post Labels.

14}:-Select location.

15} :-Write S.E.O friendly Search Description.

Friends, if you follow these tips, you can make a good blogger.and i hope that you like it.


Thanks For Read.





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