If you are interested in doing business at home. So, I'm going to tell you such business ideas. You can earn good money for the month by starting. 

If you do any business then you can earn more from the government employees and private employees. You know that the rains have started 

and I am telling you rain-related business and you can start this business at home without a bank loan or you can start this business with low investment.

How To Start Selling an Umbrella Business in khanna

1- Business Name :- Selling an umbrella.

2-How to Start 

Friends, if you want to start this business then you can start this business at home. you no need to shop or big showroom. and you can open a small shop at home. 

3- Need to study this work

For a start this work No need for the high study. if you pass the tenth class. then you can start this work easily.

4-How much money need for this work 

 Friends, if you are poor.then you need to 1000 thousand rupees only.

5-Purchase of an umbrella

I suggest that if you pick up the umbrella from the company. then you can purchase from lower and cheapest price. and after that, you can earn good profit.so if you start this work purchase of umbrella from the company.

6- Payment :- you can pay by cash. 

7- Pan Card :- According to the new rule of government, pan card is necessary for every person, now without pan card you can not apply for a new bank account, so starting from this work you apply for pan card, so I suggest please apply for pan card. 

8- Rate of an umbrella

you can keep the price of an umbrella in this way, details are given below,For Example:- You purchase one umbrella: 50 rupees.

Now:- You can sell to the customer in 150 rupees.so the rate of umbrella 150 rupees. and you can make 100 rupees profit.

9-Behavior :- Friends, if you want success in this work then make good behavior with customers.

10-Earning of one day

For example. you sell 20 pieces of the umbrella in the day.

1  Umbrella Price = 120 rupees You are total per day income 10x130 = 1200.

11:-Monthly earning

For example, one day earning 1,000 rupees.

1.Umbrella  Price = 120 rupees only.

Monthly income =  1000x26 =26,000

Friends, you can earn net profit income of one month 52,000 rupees. 

12}:-Net profit :- 10,000 - 12,000