How to open a small tea shop in the Philippines | घर में चाय की दुकान कैसे करे

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How to open a small tea shop in the Philippines | घर में चाय की दुकान कैसे करे

Today is Business idea.

Open a small tea shop in the Philippines and other countries with low investment. 

One line :- Guys, if you want to be a good businessman or earn good money then i'm suggestion you that you open a small tea shop in home or street.Guys really it is very interesting work.On the other hand if you want to  become in short time rich man then start this tea business.

Friends, here are details How to open a small tea shop in the Philippines. Please read carefully and if you like this ideas then please share with friends.

1]:- Business Name :- Open Small Tea Shop . 

2]:- Study:- Guys, for this Business no need to higher study.If you have passed the class XII, you can easily open tea shop.

3]:-Training:- For this work you will need to learn a one week, on the other hand it is very easy work and interesting,such as how to make tea, how to make tea with milk powder,how to make tea with milk and sugar, how to make tea with milk without water and how to use sugar in tea,how to use Chapati in tea and how to make Adrak tea etc,i hope that you can learning easily make of tea in one week.

4]:-Age:- Guys you can start tea business in any age.

5 ]:- What to do after tea making training:-Friends,after one week of learning, you can open easily tea making shop in any place.

6]:- Time :- Guys work time depend on you.but i'm suggestion to you that you open tea shop Full day.

7]:- Pan Card :-According to new rule of government, pan card is necessary for every person,now without pan card you can not apply for new bank account, so starting from this work you apply for pan card, so i suggest please apply for pan card.

8]:-Behavior:- if you want to successful in small tea shop business then make good behavior with customers.

9]: Honestly :- You have to do this work honestly.

10]: Rate :- One cup of tea 10 rupees.

11}:-Earning:- In this work you can earn good money in one day.

For Example:- You sale of 100 cup of tea.

Rate:- One cup tea =10 Rupees.

One day sale tea cup :- 100 Cup.

Total one day earning= 100x10 =1,000 [ One thousands only.]

11}: Net income :- Your one day net income 600 

At last.

Guys, if you have no work, you can do start tea shop business and make good money in one day.

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