Part-time business ideas for students

Today's topic:- Part-time business ideas for students पढाई के साथ करें यह बिजनस Part no 02 

Part-time business ideas for students in India

01 ]  Laptop Small Shop.

You can open a small laptop shop at home with low investment and earn good money from this laghu udyog.on the other hand, you can start this work in part-time.

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02]:- Computer Keyboard, Mouse DVD, CD, Computer wire, Computer Speaker

Today's the high demand for computer and you can open computer accessories shop. 

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03]:- Pendrive Shop, Computer, and Laptop Cover.

friends, you can start work sale of pen drive DVD and laptop cover, it's a very simple business, on the other hand, you can start this work with low investment at home. 

04]:- Video Game Small Shop. 

Every child like to play a video game, you can start the sale of video game for kids. 

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05]: -Accounting Service for Examples [ Data Entry part-time job.

if you know of computer excel worksheet, then you can start work data entry online. 

For More Details, Watch Youtube Video Click on this link. 

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welcome friends. you can read here 7 small business ideas and you can start this business with low investment. {Tag laugh Udyog for ladies, laugh Udyog for home, laugh Udyog for the housewife, laugh Udyog in Punjab.




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